Real Wedding - Hannah & Quenton

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Today's real wedding feature is Hannah & Quenton who were married late September 2017! Hannah and Quenton are honestly just as sweet as they are gorgeous. We were so excited to see this wedding come to life as they had such a vision for their day and did not overlook any detail. We were so impressed with how involved Quenton was in the planning process at all. We love a groom who is actively involved in the planning process. Our friend Bekah of Bekah Taylor Photography did an incredible job capturing their love and the space, all pictures featured on here are courtesy of her. Polly from Poppies did an incredible job with the flowers. They had cake from Sweet-Em's Cake Shoppe but also had our mini dessert assortment for guests to enjoy.

We loved the champagne and specialty linens (purchased by the couple) with sparkle and gold and the dramatic flower colors. Absolutely perfect for a fall wedding! Here are just a few of our favorite pictures (because let's be honest, we could seriously post every.single.image).

"We would like to extend our heartfelt thank you to the entire staff and B&C. We cannot thank you enough for helping to make our wedding day so perfect. A special thank you to Melissa for being so kind and helpful the entire day. We appreciate you and the fantastic job you do. We would like to thank Jessica for helping with the entire wedding process and planning. We are very impressed with Bread & Chocolate, as were our guests. The venue is beautiful, but what truly made is great was the staff. Thank you tremendously!" - Quenton & Hannah

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Meet Our Staff: Jessica!

Jessica is our Event Coordinator and Marketing Manager. Learn more about the girl behind the emails.

Bread & Chocolate is so much more than just a job... I also got married here in 2016! Photo by Ashley Dru.

Bread & Chocolate is so much more than just a job... I also got married here in 2016! Photo by Ashley Dru.

Tell us a bit about yourself

With the exception of my years in college, I am a lifelong Northern Indiana resident. I grew up on a farm, learning to read by the light of a John Deere tractor. At a very early age, my mom, hostess extraordinaire, taught me the value of a great celebration, which is where my love for a great party came from. Thanks to her, I have a lifetime of memories planning festivities for both myself and my two older brothers. I graduated from Purdue (Boiler Up!) and worked in social work for a few years prior to starting at Bread & Chocolate. My husband Craig and I (and dog Charlie) live on Craig's family dairy farm, which is just the best. While I absolutely love to travel, nothing compares to putzing around our farm, woods and pastures... typically with my husband, dog and a cocktail in hand! 

One of my favorite pastures!

One of my favorite pastures!

What is one of your favorite parts about Bread & Chocolate?

There are so many! I genuinely love coming to work everyday and have the absolute best B&C family. What I get to experience that the other staff members don't is getting to know the clients. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know couples and hearing their stories, it makes their wedding day that much more meaningful to be a part of. I also get too excited when we get wedding pictures back from couples or photographers, those are always so fun to look through! 

Photo by Ashley Dru.

Photo by Ashley Dru.

If you could eat only one item from the Bread & Chocolate menu, what would it be?

Cheesecake! I have the biggest sweet tooth and the cheesecakes that Angela, our pastry chef, makes are hands down my favorite ever. Thankfully, my husband appreciates a good cheesecake as much as I do so that's what we had for our wedding dessert. It was perfect!

What is your spirit animal?

I would have to say my dog, Charlie -- happy-go-lucky, constantly eating, loves a good road trip and always down to nap!

Charlie in our barn loft :)

Charlie in our barn loft :)

What is one thing people may be surprised to know about you?

I think most people are surprised that I live on a dairy farm but I think people are probably more surprised to learn that I live in a barn. Yes, my downstairs neighbors are actually cows! It is all new construction and it doesn’t smell at all (I promise!) but it is definitely a part of the barn. It's small but perfect!

Lastly, bread or chocolate?

All the bread!

My gorgeous mother who taught me everything I know about how to throw an incredible celebration! 

My gorgeous mother who taught me everything I know about how to throw an incredible celebration! 

Unique Favors

Photo by SnapSchatz

Photo by SnapSchatz

We love to see couple's personalities show at their wedding. One fun way to personalize your wedding is through your favors. We've seen some unexpected and unique favors that many guests commented on. Here are some of our favorites!


Photo by sj2 photography

How cute are these little jars of honey?


Photo by Ashley Dru

Photo by Ashley Dru

Instead of doing a traditional favor, this couple decided to donate money to an organization close to their heart. This is a great way to honor their wedding day.

hot sauce

We love this unexpected favor - spicy! 


A cute display and adorable little plants! What's not to love?

Mud Love bracelets

We love the idea of a favor that gives back! This couple purchased different Mud Love bracelets that also provided one week of clean water to someone in need. 


This couple bought their candles from an Etsy shop and had personalized labels made. They had three different scents so guests could choose which one they liked most.


Food is always a crowd pleaser! This couple had bags for guests to take popcorn home with them.