Head Table Options

We say it over and over again, but one thing we love the most about weddings is that no two weddings are ever same and we love seeing how the bride and groom personalize their day! One way to switch things up a bit is by how the couple chooses to do their head table. Over the years, we've seen many options but below are the most popular options that we see on a regular basis! 

Traditional Head Table

This is one of the most common, where the couple sits in the middle with their attendants on either side of them. This couple chose to switch things up just a bit by adding a round table for them (a great focal point!) and additionally adding seats for their attendants dates to join them as well (not quite yet seated up there). There are definitely ways to switch things up with this classic head table.

Sweetheart Table

Prefer to have an intimate dinner with just your spouse? The sweetheart table is the way to go! This can be done with a round or rectangle table, but it's a way to spend some extra time, just the two of you, during your wedding day. Additionally, some couples choose this option if they have a large wedding party, or if they'd like their attendants to be able to sit with their dates.

Stacked Head Table

By utilizing our stage, the stacked head table can accommodate up to 22 guests - perfect for those with larger wedding parties! This option can also be customized to where the couple can choose if they want to sit at the top or bottom or how many of their attendants they want on each level. This option can also be nice to try and keep all attendants within the width of the beams.

King's Table

We love a king's table around here! This option definitely makes a statement and is also a way for your attendants to make great conversation with each other as opposed to just talking with those sitting right next to them. The king's table can also accommodate a larger wedding party. 

Real Wedding: Hannah & Logan


If you couldn't already tell by all of their pictures - Hannah and Logan are so fun! On their wedding day, they just exuded happiness and we're so grateful that Grant Beachy got to capture it all. They actually planned most of their wedding from Southern California as they moved out there shortly after their engagement. They definitely did not let the distance keep them from planning an amazing wedding in which their friends and family all enjoyed! Hannah and Logan have such sweet hearts and we were so thankful to play such a small role in their story! Best wishes to them both! 

"I cannot begin to thank you for all of the hard work your entire staff put into our wedding day. Thank you for your professionalism, expertise and patience with me, especially working with me from across the country. Everything was exactly how Logan and I dreamed it would be. I can't help but be emotional when thinking of 4/28/18 - the best day of our lives. I know it would not have been possible without all of your hard work! Thank you, again!" - Hannah


Reception Exit Ideas

Reception exits are a fun way to end your reception! The brick pathway in the front of our building is the perfect spot for your guests to line off and send you off, in addition to some intimate indoor send offs as well. We are often asked what are some reception exit ideas couples have done in the past so we thought we'd share a couple for you! 


Bubbles can be cool during the day and at night! 


Glow Sticks


Dried Flowers

The last dance circle