Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a number of common questions and our best shot at clearly answering them. We are always open to considering other options. So, if any of these answers aren’t quite what you were hoping for, talk to us and we will do our best to present you with some reasonable options.


Can I use an outside caterer?
All food and beverage must come through Bread & Chocolate. The Health Department and our insurance company don’t allow our guests to bring in outside food and/or drink. We have worked hard to come up with diverse menus and if you don’t find exactly what you want on our menus we are always open to exploring new ideas.


Can I bring my own alcohol?
No, Indiana State Alcohol Laws do not allow any outside alcohol be brought into our facility as we have our Indiana State Liquor License. The law strictly says you can only consume alcohol in our building if we provide it. However, you can purchase all of your alcohol from us. We have worked hard to have a variety of options in our bar menus and are always willing to entertain new ideas. 


What fees can be included to reach the event minimum?
All fees are included in the event minimum with the exception of 7% sales tax and 20% service charge.


What is included in the rental fee?
We have worked hard to include everything you might need for a successful event in the room rental fees. This approach is not standard in our industry, but we believe it helps take some of the stress out of planning and is just plain fair. The rental fee includes service staff, room set up and tear down (guests are allowed to bring in their own decorations, but must take them down themselves after the event), cake cutting, white linen table cloths, white linen napkins, table skirting, dishes (real tableware, not disposable), tables, chairs, basic sound system, staging, rehearsal time, and a complimentary tasting to go.


What steps need to be taken to book an event?
The first step is to get a hold of us and set up a time to meet with one of our staff members. Once we have the necessary information, they will prepare an estimate based on the food and beverage package you choose, including any other costs for additional items/services. At that point, we can hold your date for 1 week. When you are ready to book, we ask that you pay a 33% deposit and sign a contract and our policies.


I am a photographer interested in taking pictures in your space, is that allowed?
Due to our extremely busy schedule, we do not allow any photographer to take pictures in any our spaces (including our lobby) on any date or time. 


Do you offer coordination services?
No. We have staff who will be available to answer any questions you have prior to the event as well as creating a timeline and layout. They are in charge of coordinating all of the details of your event to our kitchen, bar and service staff. We are not responsible for any decorating or coordinating any vendors, family members, guests or wedding party the day of the event. We highly recommend you have a Day of Coordinator to assist in making sure that the event runs smoothly from the beginning of the day to the very end. We would be happy to recommend a few in the area.

Can I elope at Bread & Chocolate?
Yes! We are excited to now offer elopement packages Monday-Thursday. Please contact us for more information.


When can we decorate for our event?
We guarantee that you can decorate at 9 a.m. the day of your event. 


Can we just do a ceremony/reception?
Due to event minimums, we are not able to host just a ceremony. However, you are welcome to host just a reception if you would like. We also have elopement packages for you and up to 6 other loved ones.


Do you have any decorating restrictions?
We do have decorating policies. Some were put in place in order to preserve the historic nature of the building and others to comply with our liability insurance and Fire Marshal regulations. If you have specific questions about decorating restrictions, please contact us and request a copy of our Event Policies.


Is a ceremony rehearsal included? If so, when does that take place?
A 1 hour ceremony rehearsal is included. We guarantee that a rehearsal can be done on the Thursday before your event. 


Will there be enough parking?
There are three different parking lots that guests can use. If you are interested in a parking map, please contact us and we would be happy to send that to you.


What extra rentals do you have available?
Again, we have worked hard to include everything you might need for a successful event in the room rental fees. Outside of what is routinely included, we also offer many extra rentals including: a brown decorative table/bar, a white decorative table/bar,  a small white chandelier, and bistro tables. If you are interested in any rentals, let us know and we can send you what we have to offer.


Is it possible to have you cater an offsite event?
We do offer offsite catering. Feel free to contact us for pricing and more information.


Do you offer space for brides and/or grooms to get ready in?
We do have two furnished and decorated dressing rooms, The Loft and The Down Under. The dressing rooms are located on two different floors at the Old Bag Factory. Brides and/or grooms who have booked the Ballroom Suite or the entire floor for their ceremony and reception, can use the dressing rooms at no additional charge. Others are welcome to rent either or both spaces for an additional cost, subject to availability.


Can I take leftovers home?
Unfortunately, regulations do not allow us to let guests take leftover food home. In an effort to not let good food go to waste, we have made arrangements with local non-profits and donate leftover food locally.


What are your hors d’oeuvres serving sizes?
Our hors d'oeuvres are meant to provide a snack for guests before the meal. So you can’t expect to make a meal of them, but they will definitely be a delicious treat to hold you over until the meal is served. On occasion we have offered hors d’oeuvre buffets. Please let us know if this is what you are interested in and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Do prices vary based on age?
Children ages 2-6 receive their dinner at half price, and children under 2 years of age eat for free. If there is a hosted bar, we charge everyone under 21 the nonalcoholic drink price. For more information on pricing, please contact us.


Do you make wedding cakes?
While we do offer a variety of great desserts, we do not make formal, decorated wedding cakes. We do offer some cakes, but they are standard sizes and we have standard decorating for each kind. Therefore, we allow you to bring your own wedding cake, as long as it is prepared by a licensed baker. As mentioned earlier, the Health Department and our insurance company don’t allow our guests to bring in outside food and/or drink. However, we are able to make an exception as long as it is a wedding cake prepared by a licensed baker. If you would like to know about some local licensed bakers, please contact us, and we will be glad to share what we have learned.


What does Bread & Chocolate do to care for the environment?
Over the years, we have chosen to make several changes that help us care for our environment. We are thankful to our caring and committed staff who help us carry out these tasks and are proud of our efforts. We look forward to continuing to improve and explore new ways in which we can be a part of caring for our environment. Some of the ways in which we care for the environment:

  • We are serious about recycling. We recycle everything we can, including all food packaging, packaging from orders, mail, scrap paper, plastic, metal, and glass.

  • We use real tableware, napkins, and tablecloths for onsite events.

  • We compost food waste.

  • We donate leftover food to local non-profits (since we are not allowed to let guests take leftovers home).

  • We have worked to eliminate paper from our systems and are diligent about using scrap paper until it is truly unusable.


What does Bread & Chocolate do to care for the community?
We understand that being part of a community carries with it a certain responsibility. We work to be mindful of how we can have a positive impact on our community. Some of the ways in which we are committed to caring for our community include:

  • We have made arrangements with local nonprofits and donate leftover food locally, since we are not allowed to let guests take leftover food with them.

  • We volunteer with local organizations.

  • We are careful to maintain fair and clear hiring practices.

  • We work hard to maintain a healthy work environment that is attentive to the needs of our staff.

  • Every year we make donations of space, services, and food to nonprofits in our community.

do you have any more questions?