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At Bread & Chocolate, we have the unique pleasure and luxury of a highly competent and dedicated staff. We understand how important a responsibility we have when hiring and strive to invite people to join our staff who will help maintain the rich work culture we share and contribute to our work. One of the best parts about Bread & Chocolate is that co-workers become family! 

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Audra Bechtel

Audra is responsible for developing and overseeing organizational plans and strategies for the many different areas of the business. Audra was Bread & Chocolate’s very first employee, earning a quarter an hour helping her mom cater when the business first started. After college, Audra worked in banking and finance but later returned to the lovely city of Goshen to take over the business from her parents. Audra is Bread & Chocolate’s fearless leader, cocktail maker extraordinaire and knows how to throw the best staff parties! When Audra isn’t working, she enjoys spending time with her spunky daughter and renovating her adorable 20’s era home. 

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Jessica Blough
Event & Marketing Manager

Jessica creates and maintains a relationship with every client throughout the entire planning process, coordinates details with all other staff and manages all social media and marketing strategies. Jessica planned her first event at age 5, a tea party for friends complete with costume jewelry, derby styled hats and petit fours. Her love for planning events followed her throughout college, completing multiple event management internships. Jessica started at Bread & Chocolate in early 2015 and loved the space so much she decided to get married here! Outside of work, Jessica loves working with her husband on their farm, hanging out with her dog and her drink of choice is always champagne. 

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Sarah Haser

Sarah is responsible for all of the delicious made from scratch food all guests consume at the events! Sarah comes to us from DC where she worked in the food industry following her graduation from the Culinary Institute of America in New York. Sarah has many talents but one highlight is her ability to combine any ingredients, no matter how far fetched or random, into a gourmet staff lunch, and we love her for that. Together with her husband, Sarah manages their family farm and greenhouse in Goshen. Sarah is an avid cat lover and advocate, is especially fond of her chickens, and is the mother to the a very active toddler. 

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Garrett Ahlgrim
Facilities Manager

Garrett does all of the set ups and makes sure that the third floor is looking great for your event! Garrett has been at Bread & Chocolate for a few years now, and currently holds the records for doing the most jobs here. Because he enjoys being involved at Bread & Chocolate so much, Garrett can also often be found helping with food preparation, serving, bartending, dishwashing, leading and whatever else we can think of! When he’s not at work, Garrett enjoys playing video games with friends and baking unique concoctions that he occasionally shares with us all here at Bread & Chocolate. With his always positive attitude and super friendly nature, we love having Garrett around full time!

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Melissa Miner
Service & Bar Manager

Melissa hires and manages all of our amazing service staff and also handles all of the bar details. More on Melissa coming soon!

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Lauren Weldy
Administrative Assistant

Lauren does a plethora of things at Bread & Chocolate, for which we are very grateful for. You also might see her around on Saturday mornings as she sometimes works in the office on weekends! Lauren has worked at Bread & Chocolate off and on since she was young as Bread & Chocolate is truly a family business and Lauren is actually Audra's cousin. Lauren enjoys spending time with her two sons and her husband.


Angela Nickell
Pastry Chef

Angela is our pastry chef who is responsible for all of the amazing homemade desserts we offer! She has had many years of experience in the food and service industry. Angela loves a good adventure and is big into CrossFit. Angela can take any idea that you may have for a dessert and turn it into reality! She does a phenomenal job and we are so thankful to have her on board to create the best desserts.

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