New: Elopements

We are so incredibly excited to announce that in 2019 we will be offering elopement packages! We’ve been working at this idea for quite some time now and we couldn’t be happier to finally be able to share it with you!

We want the day to be all about you and the commitment you are making to each other. In our packages, we have included the bouquet and boutonniere, officiant, private room for 2 hours, cake and of course champagne to celebrate! We will be offering elopements Monday-Thursday and will take place on our small space on the second floor of the historic Old Bag Factory. The space will have a pretty area with ceremony draping, some exposed brick, natural light and a table with chairs for after the ceremony. You are welcome to bring in a photographer to take pictures around the grounds as well. Our package is for the two of you and up to 6 other guests to attend and witness your special day.

Please contact us for any information or questions! We will be doing an elopement package giveaway as 2019 draws near so if you know anyone who is thinking about eloping, please let them know!

Napkin Folds

It's one of those seemingly silly things that we have to talk about at final meetings... napkin folds! Quite often, couples don't know the difference between what we offer - triangle, rectangle, pocket or the tri-fold. We figured it would be helpful to put together a visual guide of what the different folds really look like!


This is a basic fold that's simply just that - a rectangle. It lays flat on the table and offers a clean presentation. Sometimes, couples will put something on top (like a bit of greenery shown in the second picture) to add a little pop of something extra.


The tri-fold napkins is where the napkin is folded three times (hence the tri-fold) so it's long and when placed over the table it hangs off. This is a popular option when chargers are being used, and can really look elegant. This is also a fold where you are able to set menus, greenery or favors on top of.

 Grant Beachy Photography

Grant Beachy Photography


Triangle fold can most commonly be associated with banquets and is more of a standing fold which can create height on the table. 

Pocket Fold

Pocket fold is perfect if you have a menu or some sort of insert you'd like to incorporate in your wedding. Couples have also used the pocket to place flowers or greenery in for a simple, yet classy touch. Pockets can be made in many different sizes to fit what will be going in.

Jessica David s Wedding Day-0480.jpg

Real Wedding: Kim & Adam

Kim Adam-Bride Groom-0001.jpg

Kim and Adam randomly stumbled across our venue when they were back visiting from out of state and fell in love with everything (and we're so glad that they did)! Kim and Adam were such an organized couple that it didn't even feel like they were planning their wedding from states away. What a fun night this was! They wanted to rent the entire third floor, even though they were getting married at a church, and used the Gallery for an intimate spot for their first look. We loved their personal touches and sweet demeanor. What a joy it was to work with them both! 

In addition to getting to work with them personally, we had the honor of working with vendors who we'd never worked with before! Cory and Jackie did an amazing job of capturing their big day. Brooke, owner of Steullaluna Events, did all of the planning and the gorgeous florals for the event. Kim and Adam incorporated a live guitarist who they met playing in a bar in their neighborhood in Minnesota play during cocktail hour and then they really took it up a notch with the Newsmaker Band. Cheers to a great night! 

"Phenomenal!!! We casually walked into The Old Bag Factory one afternoon not even thinking of getting married in the area and ended up with the wedding of our dreams a little over a year later. The venue was absolutely perfect, well laid out, attentive staff, and absolutely amazing food. We weren’t putting much stock in the food since we usually think most wedding food is mediocre but the food turned out amazing. We wish we had more time to enjoy the delicious meal! We have gotten many complements that this was the best wedding food our guests had ever had. We worked with Jessica to coordinate everything at The Old Bag factory. She is incredible! Very responsive and prompt! She suggests ideas that she knows will work with the space and timing while still helping to incorporate the ideas we had. She helped make everything so seamless. We have gotten countless complements on our wedding being the most fun and seamless wedding our guests have ever been to. This wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing venue and amazing Bread and Chocolate Staff!" - Kim & Adam

Bread & Chocolate Wedding
Bread & Chocolate Wedding
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