Assigned Seating

Photo by  Cory + Jackie . Styling and planning by  Stellaluna Events .

Photo by Cory + Jackie. Styling and planning by Stellaluna Events.

One question that we often get is whether or not clients should do assigned seating. Our answer is always yes! As with most decisions when it comes to wedding planning, we acknowledge that it's a personal and if you opt not to, that's fine too. We know that assigned seating creates a bit more work for you ahead of the wedding, but it's definitely worth it. This is one of those last minute details that must get done as you often don't know your final RSVP count until about a month before the big day, but not one to overlook. 

So, why do assigned seating? We often hear from guests that it's comforting to know that there is a certain spot for them to sit. This is especially true to guests who might now know that many people at the wedding and finding their own seats can be overwhelming and quite frankly, awkward. The other thing that we've seen happen is that, inevitably, not every table gets filled to capacity so there might be 1 empty seat at every table, and then a family of 5 comes in and we either have to set up an extra table for them to sit at (so awkward!) or the family has to split up between tables. We've seen both of these scenarios happen quite often, and trust us, it is not ideal. Plus, how cute are all of these seating displays?!

Photo by  Bekah Taylor .

Photo by Bekah Taylor.

Again, we know that creating a seating assignment can be a daunting task, but it definitely pays off in the end and your guests (and catering staff!) will thank you. So, grab a glass of wine with your fiance and make it as fun as you can! 

Photo taken by staff member.

Photo taken by staff member.

Photo by  Ashley Dru .

Photo by Ashley Dru.