Stress Free Wedding Planning

Do you know what we want for every couple (as well as their family and friends) on their wedding day? To feel as relaxed as our beautiful bride Lydia does up there! We truly believe that wedding planning does not have to be as difficult or stressful as what some may say. Our most successful weddings and happiest couples are those who have the most stress free day. We want to help you to make the entire process, from start to finish, stress free! Want to know how? Here are a few tried and true tips we have: 


Honestly, we can't stress this one enough! Your wedding day and experience will definitely be shaped by the vendors you choose. Investing in the best vendors (DJ, photographer, florist, planner, etc.) will make for a stress free wedding day as long as you trust them. The right DJ will understand what you want out of a reception and will keep your guests having the best time. The right photographer will keep everyone smiling and laughing all day and night as well as making you feel at ease in front of the camera. The right florist will set everything up that day so all you have to do is show up (and can also save you so much money on decorations). The right planner will take away the stress of handling any little thing that may end up happening. When you hire vendors you trust, you (and your family and friends) do not have to be here when they arrive to oversee their set up and it will give you the best value for what you spend. The right vendors are worth every penny! 


Your wedding day should be a day of celebrating your love and commitment to each other. If the stress of planning becomes too much, ask yourself when you look back to your day what will matter the most?  Continue to remind yourself of why you are getting married and hopefully some of the stress will fade away. Again, you want to spend the day celebrating YOU, not running around trying to get everything done.


This applies to a lot of different aspects of wedding planning, such as budget and personal time and energy. Making, and sticking to, a budget will help alleviate unnecessary stress by forcing you to make the right decisions for your wedding. Again, ask yourself what truly matters to you and focus the biggest chunks of your budget on those parts. Thinking of doing a lot of DIY for your wedding? That's great! Just keep in mind that a lot of DIY means a lot of time and energy to create said DIY pieces and then organizing to set everything up. Before committing, know how much time and energy you really have to spend towards this. Again, there are so many limits when it comes to your wedding day. Make a list of all of the ways you could be pushing the limits (budget, personal, policies, guest count, spatial needs, etc.) and come up with ways to avoid pushing them too far.


We can't stress how important contracts are! It will save you a lot of time and stress if you read through every contract carefully prior to booking, and throughout the process. Know what each vendor does and does not allow. If you are concerned or confused by something, ask questions! The best way to feel better about the planning process is to ask questions. We can't tell you how much better people feel after their final meeting when all of the questions have been asked and all details have been discussed. I think all wedding professionals can agree that more questions asked are better than none. Additionally, if there are major changes to your wedding (a much higher guest count, timing changes, etc.) let the necessary vendors know immediately! A lot of behind the scenes work goes on with each vendor and changes you may think are insignificant may actually really affect each vendor. Keep us all in the loop! 

We want you to have the best day ever! Let us help you make your day (and planning process) stress free!